Visual marketing made
more efficient.

Oversized images must be carefully handled. When printed on a stiff background, a display image of more than six feet in width is difficult for one person to assemble or remove. Sizes of nine feet or more are nearly impossible.

Our acousti-Art® system makes it possible for one person to handle display graphics in sizes of up to 32 x 10 ft. (~10 x 3 meters).

And that’s not all. The amount of time needed for setup or removal is also significantly minimized. Handling costs are thereby drastically reduced. In a before-and-after test in a major metropolitan city, we compared traditional mounting techniques to our acousti-Art® system. With traditional mounting, a two-person team mounted five image graphics in each of two outlets in one day.
With our system, one person can install five locations with five images each in one day.

With expenses to install traditional displays significantly rising, our system allows the cost to be drastically reduced; and it’s not only about the money. It is also essential to note that our system allows for a point-of-sale promotion to be put into effect more quickly. This allows strategies to be implemented that can result in increased sales.

Transport costs are reduced as a result of low weight and easy handling.

acousti-Art® is easy to put up – with just a few simple steps. No previous knowledge or technical expertise is required.

The perfectly fitted sides are simply snapped together and tightened to form a stable frame. Then, the high resolution printed material complete with silicone edging is pressed into the groove of the frame. Even large formats can be managed easily by one person. Images can also be simply and quickly exchanged.

The top ten advantages of our acousti-Art® system:

1. Impressive range of formats
From 16“ x 16“ to 32' x 10' (~0.40 x 0.40 to 10 x 3 meters) (larger formats available upon request)

2. Extremely versatile uses
As wall image, shop decoration, dividing wall, exhibit display

3. Very simple assembly and removal
Easy for one person to handle

4. Minimized transport and handling costs
Even the largest frames can be disassembled and fit into travel sized containers

5. Various display possibilities
Free standing, wall or ceiling suspended, and wall mounted

6. Extremely high design quality
Smooth photographic quality textile printing

7 Reflectionless image
Also ideal as a background for photos or videos

8 Sturdy and practical material
Waterproof, washable, fade-resistant

9. Contributes positively to room atmosphere
Reduces noise, easily illuminated

10. Extremely versatile format
Almost all geometric shapes possible