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General Questions
Q. What are some recommended uses of the murals?

You can use your imagination…the possibilities are endless. However, a few suggestions are as a wall image, decoration, dividing wall, and exhibit display.

Q. What are the different options of displaying the murals?
The murals can be free standing, wall or ceiling suspended, and wall mounted.

Q. What are the materials used in the murals?
acousti-Art panels are made of aluminum extrusions, stretchable fabric, and an optional acoustical panel.

Q. What is the largest mural that can be designed?
We are able to produce murals ranging in size from 16” x 16” to 32’ x 10’.

Q. Can the murals be placed outdoors?
Generally speaking, we do not recommend acousti-Art for outdoor use. However, the panels can be used for short periods of time before fading.

Q. How do I assemble the frame and attach the mural?
Instructions will be included with your order. However, if you happen to lose them, assembly is easy. The perfectly fitted sides are simply snapped together to form a stable frame. Then, the high resolution printed material complete with silicone edging is pressed into the groove of the frame.

Q. If we purchase the acoustical option, how thick is the acoustical material?
The acoustical material is approximately 1”, but can vary upon requested use.

Q. What types of graphics can be placed on the mural?
You can use anything you want. Logos, pictures, text, etc.

Q. How long is production?
Production times will vary based on quantity, but production time is normally 2 weeks after graphic approval.

Q. How much does a mural cost?
Cost of murals varies upon size and if graphic design is required. Contact acousti-Art for more information.

Q. Will I get a proof before my space or mural is printed?
Yes. We never print anything without client approval.

Q. How long should we leave the mural up?
It depends upon the use of the mural.

Q. Can you deliver and set up the panel?
Delivery and set up is available upon request for a fee.

Q. Do you sell to individuals?

Q. Can you ship anywhere?

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order quantity.

Q. Is shipping included in the price?
No, shipping is billed separately.

Q. What are your payment terms?
We require a 50% deposit at the time of order and balance due before shipping. Freight is sent as a separate invoice after you receive your order.

Q. What if we are tax-exempt?
You will need to send a signed tax exempt form with the approval of your order.

Q. How do I care for the murals?
Machine wash, mild detergent, cool water, hang to dry. NO HEAT DRY.

Q. I don’t see my question here. Where can I get more information?
Contact acousti-Art, brought to you by Design Group at 888-817-9881.