Finally a fundraiser that doesn't make you
gain weight or fill up your cabinets.
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Q. Will I get a proof before my space or mural is printed?
You will automatically receive a proof to approve before you complete your order.

Q. How much do the spaces cost?
Cost will vary from school to school. Please see your fundraising chairperson for more details.

Q. Is everything required (picture, logo, message, payment) when I place my order?
Yes, pictures, logos, messages, and payment are required before and order can be completed.

Q. How many words can I have in my personal message?
There is not a maximum, but it should be short and easy to read based on the space allowed. If there is an issue, Design Group will contact the parent to adjust.

Q. Where do we turn in our payment?
You will turn your payment into the fundraising chairperson.

Q. How long is my space/mural going to be displayed?
That is determined by the school administrator.